Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Your Efforts Have Not Gone Unnoticed

We've dealt with our fair share of pessimism throughout this campaign. We have had a few setbacks and technical difficulties. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think that we are taking on one of the largest corporations on the planet. I can understand why people would question whether or not we have the power to change things around Loyola.

I have some exciting news for you: what you are doing is working! Administrators are taking notice of the student solidarity that the campaign has brought about. Your participation has caused ripple effects throughout the entire school. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cafeteria and in the vending machines throughout the school. Normally, when the school goes to restock vending machines, Coca-Cola is the better seller. The machines are emptier as testimony to the fact that Coca-Cola products are purchased more frequently than other brands.

Recently, however, Susie and the caf staff have reported a drop in sales of Coca-Cola in school vending machines and a rise in Pepsi sales. This is no coincidence. The student-led boycott of Coca-Cola is picking up steam and people are noticing.

These "people" include representatives of the Coca-Cola Company. They have noticed the drop in sales at Loyola and are preparing to respond. One representative of the company reportedly has heard of the protest and wants to come speak at Loyola. Rest assured, should a spokesman for the Coca-Cola Company set foot on campus, we will respond. And our voices will be louder than the propaganda machine. We are blasted with advertisements from companies like Coca-Cola every day in an attempt to get us to develop a brand loyalty. When consumers begin to question corporate BS as we have, companies get scared.

Just remember this: they can't shut us up! Loyola Academy does not belong to corporations looking to profit; it belongs to us. If Coca-Cola thinks that we will abandon our morals for their product, they are in for a major disappointment. Keep up the great work and keep spreading the word!

"You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind."
-Mahatma Gandhi


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Rest assured, should a spokesman for the Coca-Cola Company set foot on campus, we will respond. And our voices will be louder than the propaganda machine."

haha that is ridiculous--you calling a spokesman a 'propaganda machine'...

you had your turn to show your concern, now they simply get to defend themselves, thats all.

i don't think it's fair that your make Coca-Cola look like the enemy, just because they are easy to target (and since they are innocent). that last post seemed to me one of the most bias, and one-sided posts yet

everyone must not forget to look at this with an open mind. A Coca-cola spokesman would give everyone else the chance to get both sides, and then they should make their decisions.


5:19 PM  
Blogger DanielWozniczka said...

I have been attempting to reach spokespersons from Coca Cola since December 2005. It is only now that they are listening to us, and responding to us. If Coca Cola wants to talk, I will be all ears. This is a victory for us, as our campaign has finally received some respect from Coca Cola after five months. You say Coca Cola should be given the right to speak, but they have not wanted to speak. We have now forced them to speak.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Thomas Paine said...

Max, my posts will always display bias. I have done my research and reached my own conclusions, and I won't appologize for that.

I am heavily biased in favor of workers' rights. If you want to read pro-big business materials you need to look no farther than a newspaper, TV, or the internet. If you dislike the fact that we are supporting workers in their struggle against oppression, I can see why you wouldn't like our website or our ideas. In a struggle such as this one, remaining neutral is the same as siding with the powerful. Justice has never been served through neutrality.

I honestly have no idea what you have against us. Your responses to our arguments have been overly defensive as if we have attacked you personally in some way. We have let you say what you want around here, which is more than can be said for the free speech of workers in Colombia. We let someone walk into our presentation two weeks ago with a list of Coca-Cola talking points and we shot them down one by one.

Feel free to start a pro-Coke club at Loyola if you want to. Nothing and nobody is stopping you. But I think that you will find quickly that running such a campaign takes time, effort, and research. It entails more than simply throwing opinions around, so I really hope that that isn't the impression you have of us. We're passionate about this issue and we're not ashamed of that.

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i've already explained before that i'm against you not for what youre trying to achieve, but the manner in which you do so. I don't think attacking Coke is the way you're going to accomplish better conditions, because with enough pressure put on them, Coke will end their involvement there, leaving people worse off.

please do not mistake what i say as trying to keep these people in such dire conditions---I too wish to see change for the better. But I simply disagree with your methods to 'improve' their conditions.

and I can't speak for that person who brought a list of pro-coke points, but I'm sure since it was your presentation that it wasn't a debate, probably you just answering each point. But I was not there for that day, otherwise I would have done the same thing.

You say:
"In a struggle such as this one, remaining neutral is the same as siding with the powerful."

I am not asking people to be neutral, I am simply asking them for open-mindedness. I admire your three guys efforts, but at the same time when one pursues a cause so passionately, I feel that such passion cause one to rationalize the opposition, so that your point makes more sense to you.

By staying neutral and open-minded initially, I feel that's the best way to form an opinion. I hope no one would stay neutral on such an issue, and i hope my comments didnt came across that way....i just think people should stay neutral until they know both sides, and at that point they should pick their side.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Christine Hooyman said...


I haven't been on here for a while.

I agree, it's important to remain neutral until you have been presented with both sides of any issue/argument. I would, however, argue that we are presented with one side (pro-business, pro-capitalism) everyday, in the newspapers, magazines and television.

I think it's interesting that Coca Cola did not respond, until it was proven that we did care and could actually impact their profits.

I would be very interested in the conversation that would take place between the Coca Cola representatives and Dan, Tom and Joe.

I think you guys have been so amazing, and truly shown that we as individuals CAN make a difference and attempt to enact change.

4:38 PM  

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