Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Behind the Scenes of the April 4th Presentation

Normally, here at loyolarevolution.blogspot.com, we speak of serious matters in our constant search for justice. However, just for this one post, I think we can allow ourselves a bit of comedy. The presentation on April 4th to the Dumbachs was a success in every single way, but it came extremely close to being a disaster. This is the behind the scenes story that even my partners, Thomas Paine and T, have not yet heard:

To begin, Mr. McNulty was no where to be found after school. This had been a problem, because I had just learned that my laptop is not compatible with the wireless internet of the school. Thus, I began asking several teachers if they would be able to lend me their laptops. Once I finally had a compatible computer, I went to the theatre to set up, only to learn that Mr. McNulty was already there with his computer all set up. The problems did not end there though, as the videos, which we streamed off the internet, took a ridiculously long time to load. Mr. McNulty and I began freaking out, as it was only ten minutes until the presentation was set to start, and the videos were not ready. We decided to restart the process of streaming the videos, and luckily, it worked, as all the videos were ready in time.

T (Tom Clifford) had been in charge of the food, and the set up of the cafeteria. The only problem was that we couldn't set up the cafeteria, because it had been locked. We stood there waiting with the food, until finally the doors were opened for us. Also, the flyers which the Dumbachs received before the presentation, brought many problems with them. The copier which we had planned on using broke, and we were on our out to Kinkos, until Mr. Hooker helped us and made copies for us in the teacher's room.

Once the flyers, food, and videos were all ready, we had the problem of the audio with the video. We were unable to hook the computer up to sound system, so Mr. McNulty improvised and brought the extra microphone to the speaker on the computer. It wasn't perfect, but it got the job done. Seconds before the Dumbachs walked in, we were finally ready. Mr. McNulty and I may have missed dinner, but at least the presentation would go as planned.

I wish to thank all those who helped us that night, especially Mr. McNulty, Mr. Hooker, Mr. Wilda, Annette Miller, and that one junior whose name I never learned (the one who volunteered to pass out flyers). All in all, the night was a success. We're looking forward to April 12th. Help spread the word.


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